James Robinson Wins Cooper River Bassmasters Winter Open #5

Russ Scalf      Jan. 29, 2018

James Robinson figured them out Saturday, running away with the Cooper River Bassmasters Winter Open #5, by a 6-pound margin! Robinson managed to beat the crowds and the bass, as he cranked up 22 pounds worth of Cooper River largemouth.


The river was particularly crowded, due to the Creekside Bassmasters vs. Lowcountry Bassmasters yearly smack-talk smackdown. I’m told the final tally wasn’t all that close, but all parties had a great time. A Creekside member credited much of the good fortune to Lowcountry President Orlando Scott who really pulled a weightnot to be confused with pulling his weight. Creekside also mentioned they’re having the 3-peat shirts made by Phantom Fishing as I type this.

Finishing second was the team of Andrew Crump and Cooper Hopkins, with a 16 pound bag of fish. They also caught the big bass of the day, a 6.14 pound Cooper River special. Ole’ Cooper said he’d send me a photo of that beast, but I guess it got lost in the mail. He did tell me that they caught their fish wormin’, which may be a sign that some of these bass are ready to come out of the winter crankbait pattern. I assume it looked something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.40.13 PM.png

I guess this means we all need to find a new bait to tell our buddies we’re catching them on, haha.

The next event in this series is scheduled for Feb. 10th at Cypress Gardens. The entry fee is $50 and boats take off at 9 a.m.

Here’s a look at how the field finished:

1)Mr. Robison 5 fish 22.03lbs 5.20
2)Hopkins/Crump 5 16.22 6.14lbs Big Fish
3)McConnel/McConnel 5 15.41
4)Clifton/Welch 5 14.48
5)Johnson/Hughes 5 13.57
6)Letizi/Nixon 5 12.58
7)South/South 5 12.04
8)Whiten/Segura 5 10.15
9)Bihlear/Bihlear 5 9.91
10)Mr. Wood 5 9.29
11)Mr. Bowzard 3 8.29
12)Mr. Driggers 4 7.25
13)Mr. Riley 4 7.15
14)Campbell/Scalf 3 7.01
15)Lee/Colmer 3 6.58
16)Freeman/Marsh 3 5.11
17)Mr. Hyman 1 4.87
18)Kesslev/Dennis 0
18)Benton/Benton 0
18)Gibson/Gibson 0
18)Miller/Bronson 0

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