Welch and Clifton Net 22.11 on Cooper River

By Russ Scalf     Dec. 17, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.38.31 PM.png

Welch and Clifton show off their winning stringer.

Kyle Welch and Wayne Clifton earned the vicotry on the Cooper River on Saturday by blowing away the rest of the field. The pair brought an impressive 22.11 pound limit to the scales, on a day when six teams failed to bring a single bass to the weigh in.

During the second event of the Cooper River Bassmasters Winter Open Series, you were either on them or you weren’t. Only seven of the twenty boats participating managed to fill their limits.

According to Welch, the pair spent the day junk fishing. Crankbaits and worms did most of the heavy lifting in route to an impressive victory.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.54.17 PM.png

Always tough on the Cooper River, John Campbell finished third with 15.06 lbs.

The next event is Winter Open #3 on December 30, at Cypress Gardens. The entry fee is $50.

Here’s a look at how the rest faired:

1)Clifton/Welch 5 fish 22.11 pounds (wow) big fish 7.48

2)Holmes/Smith 5 fish 16.39 pounds big fish 5.67
3)Campbell/Boudle 5 fish 15.06 pounds big fish 6.56
4)Fred Cruise 4 fish 12.11 pounds big fish 6.48
5)Chad Pennell 5 fish 11.44 pounds
6)Dennis/Gibson 5 fish 8.27 pounds
7)Riley/Youngs 4 fish 8.17 pounds
8)Hughes/Johnson 5 fish 6.60 pounds
9)Bob Ratliff 5 fish 6.10 pounds
10)Russ Scalf 4 fish 6.01 pounds
11)Rod Zett 4 fish 5.17 pounds
12)Novitski/White 3 fish 5.14 pounds
13)Jim Campbell 2 fish 3.54 pounds
14)Jared Boles 3 fish 3.38 pounds
15)Rozell/Isenbarger 0
15)Hanks/Carter 0
15)Tillman/McMillian 0
15)Letizi/Harper 0
15)Matt Baker 0
15)Allen Bowzard 0

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