Gear Review: Booyah Flex II

By Russ Scalf     Dec. 17, 2017

Booyah Bait Company introduced the Booyah Flex II square bill crankbait this past summer and it definitely has a place in your tackle box. After putting it through the paces on Santee Cooper and the Cooper River, here are some of the things we like best about the Flex II.


Great Colors – The Flex II comes in 11 different fish-foolin’ designs. The best part of the color schemes is whether you’re fishing dirty water on a tide swing, or clear water in the back of a cove there’s a color for you. You can never go wrong with a square bill staple like chartreuse black back, but the super subtle smoke shad has been a big producer for me.


SHARP hooks – The first thing I noticed when opening the package were the razor sharp No. 6 extra wide gap hooks. There’s nothing more irritating to me than spending my hard earned cash on a lure that needs work. The Flex II comes with wide gap hooks that will help you get one of those Lowcountry toads out of the trees and into your livewell.


Snag Resistance – Squarebills are designed to be snag resistant, and built to swim through the nastiest cover on your home water. What sets the Flex II apart from the competition is its construction, utilizing a foam-injected molding process. If you’ve ever fished a balsa wood crankbait, you’ll appreciate the way the Booyah has designed this lure to deflect like a wood crankbait, leading to fewer hang-ups and more time fishing. You can’t go wrong with the feel of balsa and the consistency of plastic.


Durability – This crankbait scores high for it’s ability to withstand the worst conditions. Whether you drag it through a brush pile, bounce it off a stump, or knock it off a dock piling, the bait will hold up and resist chipping. We’ve all had those days where you’re catching fish and the paint just keeps chipping away. Thus far each model I’ve thrown has held up admirably after cranking it through some really rough stuff and a whole mess of fish.


Fishability – I’m not even sure that’s a real word, but what I’m talking about is this lure’s ability to get where the fish are. Weighing in at ½ oz., the Flex II will cast as far as you can heave it. The one-piece bill and sound chamber features a tungsten rattle that will call big bass in from far and wide. I’m also a big fan of the Booyah One-Knocker, and this bait has a very similar sound quality. Its advertised depth ranges between 2-5 ft., but I found that when combined with a longer rod and lighter line I could reach 6 ft. rather easily. Another way I’ve been successful with this lure is high-sticking it across shallow vegetation, much like a wake bait… all I can say is hold on. On several occasions I saw the wakes of the fish coming to annihilate the plug.


Gear – I fish the Flex II on a One 3, Fate Chrome Cranking rod made by 13 Fishing. I use both the 7’3” and 7’9” versions of the rod. If I’m fishing around tight cover I’ll opt for the 7’3”, but if I’m trying to get the lure to its maximum depth or high sticking on a rice field I’ll use the 7’9”. If you’re throwing around a lot of overhangs, or maybe aren’t the most accurate caster, they also make it in a 7’ version. I like to pair the Fate Chrome with a Concept A 7.3:1 casting reel, also made by 13 Fishing. If the bite is slow, I’ll switch out to a 6.6:1 gear ratio.


Overall – The Booyah Flex II square bill is a dynamic lure that will definitely help you put more fish in the boat. Looking ahead to the spring I will definitely have one tied on, this little morsel will be a pre and post spawn dream.  

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