Campbell and Welch Win Cooper River CATT


GOOSE CREEK — The team of John Campbell and Kyle Welch boated another winning stringer of Cooper River bass to take the win at the Carolina Anglers Team Trail Qualifier 2, Sept. 23, 2017. The pair blew away the competition with 18.20 pounds to earn the victory.

“Fall transition fishing is my favorite time of year to fish,” said Campbell. “In prefishing for the CATT this past week we were able to capitalize on the heavy shad movement which occurs in the fall. The saying was true; find the shad and the bass are close behind.”

According to Campbell once they found the balls of shad it was just a matter of working out what the bass wanted to bite the most.

“We actually junk fished to get all of our bites,” Campbell explained. “While the balls of shad are everywhere right now, the bass are just beginning to hone in on them, but not exclusively. Topwater poppers, and a couple of choice crankbaits helped us put our limit together.  Then occasionally punching a good looking mat of vegetation or two allowed us to cull up. While the topwater tactic produced the biggest fish of the day, it didn’t put numbers in the boat like the other techniques. With what I saw last week, I can only believe the bite is about to get even better.”

These anglers are no strangers to the winners circle. They also won the Cooper River Spring Qualifier #4, back in April.

Campbell and Welch also took big bass honors with a 5.3 pound largemouth, and earned $500 for the win.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.05.17 PM

The third place team of Joe Giampa and Gene Youngs with 11.96lbs.

Here’s a look at the Top 10:

1st. John Campbell & Kyle Welch 18.20lbs
2nd. Matt Baker 13.80lbs
3rd. Joseph Giampa & Gene Youngs 11.96lbs
4th. Benjamin Smith & Brent Bartman 11.12lbs
5th. Jonathan Brindle & Justin Harvey 9.98lbs
6th. Jim Campbell & Bob Ratliff 9.76lbs
7th. Allen Bowzard & Leah Bowzard 8.83lbs
8th. Jason Riley & James Evans 8.36lbs
9th. James Roy Robison Jr. 8.18lbs
10th. Casey Leach 7.28lbs

More info on the CATT trail can be found here.

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